The Edison Series at Washington University brings us “Crowns,” “Marie and Rosetta,” “Nina Simone: Four Women,” and the World Premiere of “Canfield Drive.” At first glance, these plays might strike you as disparate and wholly unique from one another. But look deeper and you’ll see the threads that weave them together. In each, a character — and the audience — is invited to rethink their preconceptions and broaden their perspectives.

This season, we’re not only celebrating people of color, but colorful people. The bright and the beautiful. The vivid and the vivacious. People of every shade who boldly color our world. Join us as we celebrate the history in our hats, the soul in our music, the power in our voices. and the differences in our skin.

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In this World Premiere Production, two high-powered news reporters from across the aisle are thrown together during a ratings frenzy in Ferguson, Missouri following the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown. As they untangle the real cause of Brown’s death, they struggle to keep their own secrets out of the spotlight. Created from diverse interviews of people from around the corner and around the world, “Canfield Drive” shines a light of hope as it wrestles with the greatest questions of our age.