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Pictured, D'Angelo Himes


Pictured, Tyler White

Pictured, Christina Yancy, Brian McKinley, Camille Sharp, and D'Angelo Himes


Pictured, D'Angelo Himes, with students from New City School

Since its inception more than twenty years ago, The Black Rep Professional Internship Program has trained more than 100 actors, stage managers, theatre administrators, and production leaders. Each year, six to seven interns receive extended training and performing opportunities under the program.

The professional internship is a full-time position, which runs August through May and includes a weekly stipend. The program is designed for aspiring and serious-minded individuals who are seeking to build their craft through the functions of professional theatre. Artists who have completed college and/or have sufficient artistic or technical training are encouraged to apply.

Artists accepted into the program are involved in a comprehensive theatre format, including assignments from the administrative, educational and artistic departments. Interns travel throughout the region, performing touring productions at area schools, community centers and other organizations. In addition to touring, they teach workshops and residencies, take master classes with guest directors, performers and playwrights.

Interns also rotate throughout the mainstage season working on the running crews, concessions, merchandise and box office, supervising student matinees and assisting in the administrative office. In the past, members of the program have also had opportunities to appear in The Black Rep’s award-winning mainstage productions.

*All intern applicants must interview for a position.

**Acting intern applicants must also audition (in person or via video). Auditions should contain two contrasting monologues. The total package should not exceed three minutes. 

For more information on the Professional Internship Program Brian McKinley at

(314) 534-3807.

Download the Professional Acting Internship Application here 

Download the Professional Technical Internship Application here

Download the Professional Administrative Internship Application here